Masters Swimming Meets in or near
Kansas City, MO

** = National meets

MARCH- All USMS Events are Cancelled!

APRIL- All USMS Events are Cancelled!

May- Stay tuned for updated information!

5/15-9/15 - USMS EPostal Swim 5k/10k 
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6/17-27/2020 UANA Pan-Am Masters Championships- Medellin, Columia, (June)
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USMS Open Water Championships- Summer June- August
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7/15-31 -  USMS Smarty Pants 2K Fitness Challenge
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**8/12-18/2020 Summer LC Nationals Masters- Richmond, VA
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9/15-11/15 - USMS E Postal 3000/6000 Swim
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11/15-30 - USMS Smarty Pants 1 Mile Swim Challenge
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Upcoming Meets- TBA

Relay Meet (July)

The Ripple Meet at the Jewish Community Center, Leawood, KS- (July)

Gladstone Meet 2020- November 14th 


4/29-5/2 - USMS SC Spring Nationals - Greensboro, NC

8/5-8/8 - USMS LC Summer Nationals - Geneva, Ohio

Fina World Masters Championship- Fukuoka, Japan

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